Remarkable ancient secrets to manifest money

Many people have manifested money throughout  human existence even before money was called "money."

Let's call it, "manifesting wealth."

This is an ancient secret only few people have known, but the richest know this and follow it daily.

Many people think they can just sit around visualizing money and counting it and they can easily just manifest money.

While part of this is true, it's not the only part of manifesting money.

I think there are many things you can do to manifest wealth, but this ancient secret is by far the most important of all the steps.

I honestly wouldn't even call it a secret but it's a shift in mindset that many people have not accomplished and don't think about.

I don't want to just rush into it because then it might not make sense, so I will make sure to break it down.

Many people think you have to bring yourself into vibrational alignment with wealth in order to manifest money.

But the truth is, you are already in alignment with wealth when you are in alignment with yourself.

Your true self is always an alignment with wealth and abundance.

It's just one of the laws of the universe. 

It always is, and always will be.

Even when things seem bleak and it doesn't seem like there's enough to go around, there always is. 

This is the law of the universe and the law of abundance.

That's why you can kind of call this, "an ancient secret of manifesting money."

ancient money manifestation

These are the secrets people follow to manifest money that should be more widely known and talked about. 

It would even be beneficial to teach these types of things in school. 

But, the richest of the rich wouldn't want everyone to know how to manifest wealth for themselves.

Any society needs a large working class which creates a large wealth gap.

I won't start ranting, let's get into it.

Ancient Money Manifestation Practice

Here's how to manifest money using an ancient money manifestation practice:

Clear your mind

You first must begin with a completely clear mind, because thinking will ruin this practice. 

Meditation is a great beginning and you should be pretty good at keeping your mind clear in order to get the biggest benefit of this process. 

Living with a clear mind is essential to high thought vibration and will help you manifest wealth beyond your desires because you are living through your spirit.

Your spirit is always in the moment where yourself, and now, meet.

Focus on this practice for a while until you can keep a clear mind for a while and you almost always live with a clear mind in the moment of now.

Trust what makes you feel good

As you're in the moment and you do activities, trust what activities feel good to you. 

Do certain activities speak to you more than others?

Do some activities make you so excited that you feel giddy at the thought of being able to do that?

Or, do some of the activities kind of make you feel like you're having a good time but, "it's not that great?"

Are there some activities you do that you down right despise?

Trust whatever it is that feels good to you and truly speaks to you on a higher level.

That activity, it's you and your spirit.

Oh, that's why you were so excited to do that thing!

Put time into that activity

Whatever that activity was that spoke to your soul from the last step, put more time into that activity. 

Work on that activity as much as you can and always look to get better at it.

When you're not doing that activity, you should be spending time researching how to do that activity better.

Putting this much time and effort into this activity should not feel like a struggle.

You should be excited to do it every single time.

You should be very excited to start it every time and you should not want to stop when it's time to end. 

It should feel like people have to drag you away from this activity otherwisethat's all you would do.

All of this practice is going to make you great at this activity.

ancient secret manifest wealth

Provide value

Now that you're so great at this activity, you can use it to provide value. 

This is how you manifest wealth...

Many people think I just need to focus on money and I can make money.

Which is kind of true.

However, the people that build the most wealth and manifest the most money focus on value not money.

Focusing on money typically doesn't bring you more money.

Focusing on value will always bring you wealth.

Many people don't think this way and it's a shame.

Make sure you focus on that value you provide.

Some people could think what you do is the dumbest thing ever, but that doesn't mean many people won't find you and what you do valuable.

People find value in entertainment among other things and are willing to pay great money to be entertained.

You don't know what anyone will find valuable until you become great at it and provide that value.

This is what is commonly referred to as one of those ancient secrets to manifest money and I wish I would have learned that a long time ago. 

If this is something I would have been thinking of since even possibly middle school or high school, I believe I would have put more effort into developing other skills.

That's why I'm here to help you not make the same mistakes most people make in trying to manifest money.

Make sure you tell people about this ancient secret to manifesting money so that it is not a secret anymore because thanks to the law of abundance there is enough to go around.

We can all feast.

Did you know about this ancient secret?

Do you think it's even an ancient secret or do you just think it's common sense?

Did you think it was going to be something better?

Like always, share and subscribe in that order.


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