How to Manifest Money using your Thoughts

Is it possible to manifest money using your thoughts?  

Do you mean I can think about money and have it using only my thoughts?

Many people have a hard time believing that they can manifest money using only their thoughts, but it's because they don't truly understand how powerful their thoughts are.

This is why many people arrive in problems and situations that they feel are out of their control, but often times their thoughts led them to that position.

What people think about thoughts manifesting money

The common rhetoric of the sheeple is, "you have to work hard in order to make money."

"The value of a dollar is high."

"No one just makes easy money," is a common theme and it's overused to get people to work hard, not smart.

Your thoughts can manifest money?

Of course they can.

Money was created from someone's thoughts.

Every person who has manifested money began with a thought. 

Manifest money with your thoughts

Here are the ways that you can organize your thoughts to prepare them to manifest money for you.

using your thoughts to manifest money

What are my thoughts with money

When you have  manifested the money you desire what are your thoughts going to be like?

Are you going to stress over the same things as you're stressing about now?

Have you stopped worrying so much and are you now carefree?

You need to visualize what your thoughts will be when you have manifested the money you have desired.

This doesn't even concern regular thoughts like investments or sports cars.

These are your daily thoughts.

Are you more concerned with your friends or family members?

Are you taking better care of yourself?

Manifesting money really shouldn't change your thoughts, so if your thoughts would be drastically different with the money you desired, you need to examine that more closely.

manifest money using only your thoughts

Things with money 

What kind of things do you have after manifesting the money you desire?

This is where you can think about the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the diamond rings and the big fancy house.

What do all these things look like?

If you're having a hard time visualizing, you can look them up on YouTube and get a better idea of what owning something like this feels like.

The more you can align yourself with how you feel once you have these things, the more likely it is that you can manifest the money to purchase them.

Instead of looking to put them in alignment with yourself, put yourself in alignment with yourself.

Smells with money

What do things smell like after manifesting the money you desire?

Does your dream house smell like potpourri or lavender?

Does it smell like newly baked bread or 24-hours of cookies from your live-in chef?

Try to imagine yourself having the money you have manifested and what things smell like around you.

Think about opening the back door of your huge mansion the first day of spring and smelling that grass smell.

This was a lot easier to visualize because the grass is going to smell the same at your dream house as it does if you were at the park on the first day of spring.

The smell helps you more easily manifest money using your thoughts because it connects your thoughts with your emotions.

use your thoughts to manifest money

Emotions with money

Visualizing your emotions after having manifested money is perhaps the most important visualization to do because it's the one the universe understands the best.

This is also the most difficult one to visualize because it's hard for us to influence our emotions typically.

The more inline you can get your emotions to how you feel once having manifested money, the easier it will be to manifest that money using your thoughts.

Your thoughts will bring you the ideas to your subconscious that you should be doing to manifest money.

Some of it will feel right in line with things you've already been doing, or if you've been acting from a place of lack this will give you completely new ideas that are more aligned with how you should be  manifesting money.

Most importantly

A lot of people can visualize what they'll think and the things that they'll buy once they have manifested money, but they have a hard time visualizing their emotions.

The universe understands your emotions most strongly and often times will align you with your emotions. 

Don't forget

It is very possible to manifest money using your thoughts.

It may not be in the way that you thought, dollars won't just fall from the sky because you thought of them.

Even though they could...

However, this is more about putting yourself in alignment with wealth and allowing your mind to present you with the plans to manifest that money.

That is the exact way to manifest money using your thoughts.

Do you agree with this?

Have you manifested money using your thoughts or do you think it doesn't work?

Like always, share and subscribe, in that order...


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