How to Command Money with your Mind

Have you seen stories of people using the Law of Attraction and wanted to know yourself how you can command money with your mind?

Have you been skeptical in the past of these stories but want to actually see it work for yourself in your own life?

Many people don't believe the Law of Attraction works to manifest money because they often just hear of people thinking about money and then receiving it almost magically.

Although, it does not work quite that way, part of the stories they hear are true.

The only issue is, they don't hear the full story and that's what makes them ignore how actually they could be commanding money with their mind.

There are other things you can do to try to manifest money using your mind however, the Law of Attraction isn't very effective when you only use part of it.

You have to use it as a whole to get the full effect.

As with anything, many people just want the easy part and they don't want to actually put in the work to become better at manifesting money.

Thankfully, there are some pretty easy ways to put yourself in position to command the money you desire using your mind and the law of attraction.

command money with your mind

Steps to command money with your mind 

Here I will give you three easy things you can do to more easily manifest the money you desire:

Be happy with yourself

You must appreciate yourself and be happy with where you are in order to attract more of the same. That's why the law of attraction is based on, "like attracting like."

If you want to manifest money from a place of lack or desperation, it won't work because that desperation will only allow you to attract more of the same. 

What makes this exercise easy is you must appreciate what you have already.

Also, not appreciating what you have now won't change when you get the money you desire, because you're always want more.

The age of social media does make this more difficult, but you have to be happy with yourself and appreciate the things you already have in order for the universe to bring you more of that same feeling.

Remove limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are a problem of many people, especially those who come from a middle-class or lower class household.

When you hear of things being too expensive or not having enough money your whole life, it's easy for those beliefs to become your own.

use your mind to command money

The truth is, there is much abundance in the universe and it is entirely possible for you to manifest the money you desire.

But, you can't do that with limiting beliefs on yourself every step of the way.

The best way to remove these self-limiting beliefs is by using money affirmations, because those will allow you to rewire your brain to get rid of those negative thought patterns that you typically have.


Meditation is great because it gets you out of your head and into the now. The now is known as the meeting place for your spirit in yourself because that is where you truly exist.

Many people think about the past and live in the past so much so that it affects their future.

And others live in the future so much that they forget to enjoy the moment and don't realize that now is what shapes the future.

Meditation helps with both of these because usually living in the past or the future is a result of negative feelings about yourself and what you've accomplished up to this point.

If you just enjoy yourself in the present and work to improve yourself in the now, you can more easily command money with your mind because you are always rooted in the current moment.

This current moment gives you the best place to manifest more money.

You can't make money in the past because those are events that have already happened.

Can't manifest money in the future because it hasn't happened and you don't know what events will occur prior to you manifesting that money in the future.

You can however manifest money right now in this moment.

commanding money with your mind

Most importantly

Appreciation is one of the biggest things you will have to  learn when it comes to commanding money with your mind because the only way you can attract things you'll appreciate, is by appreciating the things you have.

Affirmations are going to be very important as well because you can't move forward in anything with self-limiting beliefs regardless if it's manifesting money or getting into the best shape of your life.

You must have a positive thought process in order to stick with these journeys that can be difficult at times but are very rewarding when completed.


I wanted to touch on these points and teach some of those who were skeptical about how to command money with your mind because I think a lot of people lose the complete process of law of attraction.

So I just wanted to provide a quick little couple things you could do to better manifest that money and kind of give you an introduction into law of attraction and money.

Going through this quick process should allow you to see more opportunities for manifesting money and allow you to enjoy higher quality of life.

Have you ever commanded money or anything using your mind? Do you think the Law of Attraction does really work?

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