7 Breakthrough Ways to use Thought Vibration to Manifest Money

How can you use your thought vibration to manifest money using the law of attraction?

This is a question that’s commonly asked throughout the law of attraction community.

Perhaps a more specific question that is asked is, “Can you manifest money using thought vibration?”

Why use thought vibration to manifest money?

Thought vibration is supposed to be aligned with yourself so some believe that attempting to align that with money to be contradictory.

In fact, this is not contradictory because thought vibration is the best way to manifest money.

When  you try to make money from a place of lack, where there is little thought vibration, the amount will be much smaller then manifesting money at higher thought vibrations.

Attempting to manifest money from a place of lack usually leads to very small amounts of money for a short amount of time and often times the person is lead right back to a place of lack.

Sometimes that place of lack is even worse than where they began.

This is why you should look at other ways of manifesting money instead of just following the “Sheeple.”

When you use thought vibration to manifest money, this allows you to make larger amounts of money and it feels easier to do this because your high thought vibration allows you to accomplish more in smaller amounts of time.

This higher thought vibration also gives you insight into your craft which allows you to innovate new things that others likely would not have understood.

This higher thought vibration is one of the components that produces what we refer to as genius.

using thought vibration for money manifestation


7 way to use thought vibration to manifest money

Since you know that you can manifest more money using your thought vibration, here are seven ways to increase your thought vibration in order to manifest that wealth you desire.

1. Gratitude Journal

The easiest way to raise your vibration to manifest money is by using a gratitude journal.

What the gratitude journal allows you to do is appreciate things you already have in life and that appreciation is received and returned back to you, thanks to the law of attraction.

So you have to appreciate the money you have at this point and that will raise your thought vibration to give you more money.

You will of course appreciate having more money and that continues the cycle.

This is possibly the most actionable way to use your thought vibration to manifest more money and I would say it’s one of my favorite for sure.

2. Activity you love

Working on some activity you love raises your thought vibration because it allows you to root yourself in the here-and-now, which is the meeting place of your soul.

This has to be an activity you absolutely love and it has to give you great pleasure. Both experiencing this activity and improving yourself in it should give you great pleasure.

Don’t confuse this activity with damaging habits like drinking alcohol which feels good, but that’s not an activity you should love.

That’s a damaging habit.

It needs to be something that improves you as a person and you can contribute to the world for improvement of the world.

Work at an activity and get as good as you can at it, and then keep learning so you can more easily tap into that genius-level, higher thought vibration.

manifest money with thought vibration

3. Hydrate and eat leafy greens

As people we are still connected to nature and our needs.

When your body is well hydrated that allows you to produce a higher thought vibration because it’s not in a place of lack. 

When you’re hydrated it’s much easier to act from a place of abundance because your body is not in survival mode for the number one thing it needs to survive.

This is the same for eating healthy, but the leafy greens actually help with your thought vibration more because this is one of the healthiest things you can eat along with any diet.

I say, “any diet” because I have no preference on what diet you use, but you should use one.

Keeping your body healthy is another one of the easiest thing ways to raise your thought vibration to manifest money.

4. Meditate

Meditation allows you to clear your mind and this is a way you can raise your thought vibration because that allows more of your spirit to show through since you are in the here and now.

When you spend too much time in your mind, that can have a negative effect on your thought vibration because you’re not who you seem to the universe.

Now, you are stuck inside your head which is a box.

When you learn to live in the now, you end up being more creative and that is the result of a higher thought vibration and that makes it easier to manifest the money you desire.

If you’re stuck in your head and are only focusing on the money you desire, that will and turn into lack.

Because you’re focusing on what you don’t have, instead of enjoying now and what you do have.

This relates very closely to the gratitude journal mentioned earlier but also allows you more freedom to create, which will manifest the money you desire.

increase thought vibration to manifest money

5. Visualizations

You can approach visualizations two different ways.

Some people recommend you visualize having a lot of money or counting money.

This is fine and I would recommend you try this method and see how you feel.

Some people have a hard time visualizing and themselves with a lot of money because they’ve never had a lot of money and they have a hard time visualizing anything.

Another approach you can try is to visualize yourself doing things with the money you have manifested.

So if you want to go on a cruise and drink pina coladas, that’s your visualization.

That’s one of the things you want to do after having manifested the money you desire.

This will help align your thought vibration with the universe to manifest the money you need to enjoy that thing that you’re visualizing.

Remember, the feeling is more important the the actual visualization.

That feeling of happiness, or calm is what you’re going after in this step.

6. Laughing

Another way to raise your thought vibration is by laughing uncontrollably hard.

This is one of the times when we were at most in the now, and have the highest thought vibration.

Another time is falling in love. but that usually comes less often then a good hard, uncontrollable laugh.

This is not the easiest thing because you don’t usually know what it is that’s going to make you laugh so hard that your cheeks hurt and you cry.

But, you should be on the lookout for that and you should always be looking for things that can give you that laugh.

Don’t fake the good hardy laugh because that’s not going to raise your thought vibration to that level and it could possibly even hurt your vibration because faking is likely coming from a place of lack. 

You can set yourself up to more easily find these kind of things with the internet of course.

For example, I love newscaster bloopers, so I’ll follow those kinds of channels on YouTube and it often suggests new ones to me to keep my thought vibration high.

Some people even recommend waking up to these kinds of videos, or whatever makes you laugh hard, to have a high vibration all day.

thought vibration to manifest money

7. Flow State

If you’re able to achieve it, flow state is the best way to use your thought vibration to manifest money.

When you get in flow state, time slows down, and you accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, and that work is better than someone who spends more time doing that work.

Flow state is when everything comes together perfectly and some people would call it a miracle. Athletes commonly call it, “the zone.”

When you can get into the zone, combined with a high thought vibration, you can manifest money very easily with very little work and no struggle.

If you’re having a hard time achieving flow state, you can learn how to  access it whenever you want.

It’s actually not that hard to learn.

This is the ultimate way to use your thought vibration to manifest money and it is by far my favorite. 

Most importantly

Having gratitude and being appreciative is one of the best ways to use your thought vibration to manifest money because the law of attraction and the universe will bring that gratitude back towards you.

Flow state is how a lot of people that have manifested wealth with their thought vibration did it.

Everyone from athletes to actors, comedians, many celebrities and successful people use flow state to their advantage. CEOs, big time executives, successful business owners, you name it, many of them used flow state.

Should you use thought vibration to manifest money?

When looking at money manifestation, make sure you’re trying to approach that from a place of high thought vibration so you can save yourself a lot of the time, energy, and grief, that would occur if you approach it from a low vibration.

You’ll also end up manifesting a lot more money than you would the other way around.

Have you used any of these processes to improve your vibration?

Have any of these helped you to manifest more money?

Do you have any tips for raising your thought vibration that I haven’t mentioned here?

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