Breakthrough cash flow meditation helps manifest money

Do you feel like you’re having a hard time with manifesting cash or wealth in your life?

Maybe you’re suffering from a money block and not allowing more into your life.

This meditation will help you get aligned with the vibration of cash flow and attract more into your life.

manifest money with cash flow meditation

Why meditate on cash flow?

First, we must first understand that cash flows like energy.

When you don’t align with the cash flow, you miss those opportunities to manifest money.

Many people think they’re doing a good job hanging on to their money and being very critical of where they spend.

There’s nothing wrong with being on a budget, and I would reccomend it.

But, if you’re always hanging on to your money like you’ll never have any again, then you likely wont.

You must act as if you already have wealth to attract more money into your life.

To manifest cash flow, you must also realize the abundance in your own life.

If you’re viewing the universe from a place of lack and scarcity, then you’ll have a hard time finding the vibration of abundance because you’re living on the opposite frequency.

Always spend time acknowledging and appreciating the abundance in your life.

You must also genuinely trust that you will attract more wealth in your life.

Do you genuinely believe in abundance?

We will find out here shortly.

cash flow meditation to manifest money

The cash flow manifestation meditation

Find a quiet place and sit with your spine straight.

Take some deep breaths until you are nice and relaxed.

Make sure you’re pushing oxygen up into your brain, then releasing everything out until there is no air left in your lungs.

Every breath should be long and deep like that.

Now, visualize yourself giving money to people who are in desperate need of money.

These could be homeless people, little kids, or sick people in need.

Actually see yourself giving them the cash and see the excitement on their faces when you help them out.

Be realistic and imagine some of the people not exactly knowing why you’re giving them money, but you know they are appreciative.

Visualize how happy you feel being in a position to help them out.

You always have money flowing around you so parting with a little money to help someone out is a great feeling for you.

Now, visualize yourself receiving money from people.

These people are handing you money and you are very appreciative to be getting it.

They are happily smiling as they give you money and they can’t wait to give you more.

You are happily accepting the money, but you know that it’s owed to you and well deserved.

You provided value to these people and that’s why they’re paying you.

Feel the excitement course through your body as these people hand you money with smiling faces.

Next, visualize yourself buying something really expensive.

Something you wouldn’t commonly purchase, but you desire.

See yourself counting out the cash for the expensive purchase, or swiping your debit card if that helps your visualization feel more realistic.

Again, feel the excitement throughout your body and feel as if you really just made that purchase.

How does it make you feel?

Are you giddy?

See yourself using the expensive object and let your emotions flow from appreciation, to happiness, to pure excitement.

Now, slowly bring yourself back to the current moment.

Take a few very deep breaths.

Make sure you’re getting oxygen up into your brain, then exhaling it completely.

Do this for about 5 minutes each day until you feel like you’re in alignment with cash flow.

law of attraction money flow meditation

Want to manifest cash faster?

If you want to fast track this process or you’re having a hard time getting past your block, you can add one more step.

Go give some homeless people or anyone in need of money in real life.

This will truly guage if you believe in the abundance you just meditated on.

Some people say they believe in abundance, but don’t look to help those in need.

Cash is always flowing and many opportunities to manifest wealth exist in your life.

You must genuinely believe they exist and look to align your vibration so you can more easily spot these opportnities.

Meditate on your cash flow daily for best results

Cash flow is energy and is always flowing throughout your universe.

You must view the universe from a place of abundance, not scarcity.

The universe provides more than enough for everyone to have wealth, but many people don’t align themselves with that vibration to attract wealth.

Meditate on giving others money, receiving money, making a big purchase, and enjoying that big purchase for about 5 minutes each day.

Speed up your money manifestation by giving money to those in need in real life to truly prove your belief in abundance.

This cash flow meditation is one of my favorite things to do.

Also, actually giving the money gives you more realistic visualizations to meditate on the next time.

Enjoy this cash flow meditation and you can download the recorded version very soon.

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