The Fascinating Science Behind Manifesting Money

What is the true science behind manifesting money and how does it work with law of attraction? 

One day, I was loading boxes for a very popular package shipping company and I thought, "This sucks! I desire more money."

One month later I was living in a big city making three times the amount.

That story tells me Law of Attraction and manifesting money are real because I've manifested money many times over and it always works well.  

I have  wondered how it all works  though.

The "sheeple" believe it's impossible to manifest money because they can't think about $100 and have it instantly appear in front of their face.

Though there has been much evidence of people manifesting money from nothing.

A large amount of wealthy people started from nothing.

Only a small amount of the wealthiest people in the world inherited their riches.

People still don't like hearing about the science behind manifesting money.

What the Sheeple say...

Sheeple always say the wealthy don't manifest money, "they work hard for it."

This is absolutely incorrect because many people work hard in their life and don't attain a fraction of the wealth as some of the richest people in the world.

This is because they don't understand how to manifest money or the science behind manifesting money and why it works so well.

Another excuse they'd like to use is not understanding quantum physics

Which is the basic science of everything we know, so I won't get  that deep in this post. 

manifesting money science

Truth is...

This kind of knowledge is not very popular because it was very secretive before the age of the internet.  

Certain books were full of knowledge, but kept close within certain communities so that the masses would not have the knowledge to know what it takes to actually manifest wealth.

Now this is more of a common knowledge so the average person looks to write it off as something that's not real because they don't understand it.

This is ironic because science proves many things we don't understand and we believe many things science can't prove.

However, there is proven science behind manifesting money and much evidence all around you.

Fascinating science behind manifesting money

Without getting into quantum physics, this is the easiest way to understand the science behind manifesting money explained like you're five.

the universe is related

The universe is here and that's obvious because we are living in it.

The Big Bang Theory essentially explains how the universe created itself from energy.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so this energy the universe was created with was always there to begin with.

That being said, all the energy in the universe has always been in the universe and will always be in the universe.

Everything in the universe is connected to each other and to the universe itself.

Since everything is related all this energy is transferred between things and beings constantly.

 our thoughts and emotions carry energy

Our thoughts and especially our emotions, are of the most  pure forms of energy in this universe.

Our energy and emotional energy is in fact so strong sometimes, we can sense others energy without even knowing it.

Have you ever just randomly looked around you and seen someone staring straight at you?

You felt that person looking at you because they were  transferring emotional energy towards you, and you noticed it.

That's just a small example.

Imagine the thought energy of the Wright brothers who said we're going to fly a plane and nobody had ever seen that before.

Now, flying around the world is common for us and we do it regularly.

If a person from that era time traveled to these days, they would be terrified at the thought of flying on a plane.

This is why our thoughts are of the most pure energy, because we can turn them into actual things and one of the main things is, money.

what does science say about manifesting money

that energy brings us wealth

That powerful thought energy is what manifests wealth for us.

We can think about wealth and manifest that into actual cash in our hands just as we do with any other thought.

The actual science behind manifesting money from our thoughts is that money is actually energy circulating around the world.

Since money belongs in the universe, it is part of the universe and ultimately a part of us as well.

Aligning our energy with that Universal energy of wealth is what actually allows us to manifest money and abundance.

Most importantly

You don't just think about money and have it magically appear in front of you in an instant, unless you're a magician.

However, there is proven science behind manifesting money and many of the wealthiest people in the world are evidence that it is entirely possible to manifest money from nothing.

To sum up

 I wrote this article because a lot of sheeple still don't think they can manifest money just because they don't understand the science behind it, and don't want to learn more about quantum physics or how the energy of the universe relates.

Although many of these people still believe many things that have never been proven out right. 

I wanted to give a good break down to easily understand how money manifestation works.

Many of the wealthiest people in the world show us that it's easy to manifest money, what more evidence do you need?

Do you believe the science behind manifesting money?

Do you think money manifestation is real or do you believe these people just work hard and that's how they were able to manifest wealth?

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