7 largest law of attraction forums for growth

Are you looking for law of attraction forums so you can learn more about loa and connect with other people who have the same fascination with the laws of the universe?

Maybe you have a specific question you want to ask on a law of attraction forum, but have yet to find one to get your answer.

Here's the problem, most of the Law of Attraction forums lost interest and membership a few years ago.

These forums all hit their high point around the time when "The Secret" came out, along with the matching documentary.

Since then, forums have been kind of slow for law of attraction.

If you simply Google,  "Law of Attraction forums" you will get a number of results, but once you view those results, you will see that a lot of the forums have had little activity for the last few years.

Many of the forums are created on these very old site templates so you can tell they haven't been updated in a long time.

community loa

Here I have put together a list of the best Law of Attraction forums to engage with others who are fascinated with the loa and get answers to your own specific questions.

7 Largest Law of Attraction Forums

Law of Attraction subreddit

Reddit is great forum for law of attraction.

They have around a 128,000 members in the community and it is very active.

If you have a question about Law of Attraction and you're searching for a forum to ask a question or if you need resources, I would highly recommend the Reddit law of attraction sub-reddit.

Law of Attraction advice subreddit

It has about 4,000 members and seems to be growing.

This may be a good place to get your question answered as well because it is tailored toward advice on law of attraction.

It doesn't have the membership as the main Law of Attraction subreddit but it's worth checking out.

Law of Attraction links subreddit

Another subreddit you can checkout is Law of Attraction links, which has only 400 members, but gets updated almost daily.

Not many members here but you can peruse the information and decide if you want to join or not.

Law of Attraction rap subreddit

The last subreddit is Law of Attraction rap.

It has about 300 members and is only updated about every few months, but it's interesting to see the songs that are tailored towards law of attraction.

The song that caught my attention most is the Big Sean song, "ZTFO." 


Quora has a space called, "attraction" and it really deals with Law of Attraction as well as physical attraction.

Sometimes, you can get answers to Law of Attraction questions in this space, but everything here is not Law of Attraction based.

I will add that this forum is highly active and any questions you have are usually answered pretty soon.

Facebook groups

You can find several groups on Facebook about law of attraction.

Some of them are public and some are private so you may have to answer some questions to be granted access to the private groups.

The Facebook groups are decent for getting Law of Attraction questions answered.

However, many people just post law of attraction related memes such as, "I will manifest money today, type yes to affirm."

I find these kind of posts in the group annoying, especially in some of the bigger groups where that's pretty much all they post.

So, if you leave a question in some of these groups, your question will get lost among the many Law of Attraction motivational meme posts.

loa forums growth

Power Law of Attraction


This is one of the first true law of attraction forums on the list.

The issue with this forum is, it does get updated, but not very often.

It shows a membership count of 40,000 and there have been recent posts within the last couple weeks, but most of the posts are spread out over the last several months.

If you have a serious question, this would likely not be the best place to ask it, but you might be able to research through other people's questions and find your answer on this form. 

Powerful Intentions


This forum is dedicated to the secret.

It has a membership of about 4,000 members, but it hasn't been updated very often.

Looks like there was a post from a couple of weeks ago, but it doesn't have any replies.

This would not be a great place to get your Law of Attraction questions answered, but again, you could possibly search through some of the previous posts and find an answer to your question. 

Abe Forum


This forum is dedicated to Abraham Hicks.

It has a membership of about 18,000 members.

It seems to be pretty decent and has been updated slightly.

There are actually posts from today.

However, it doesn't seem like the forum gets a ton of traffic.

One good thing is, that memberships are manually approved which means the moderators are still looking after the site and you may be able to get your question answered on this Law of Attraction forum.

Spiritual Forums


This last forum on the list seems to be updated within the last week.

So if you have a question, you could possibly get it answered here, but this is probably the last forum I would check out.

I can't find a membership count, but it seems to have a decent amount of members. I would estimate a few thousand at least.

loa forums

My recommendation

The Law of Attraction forums have definitely lost a lot of attention in the last few years.

However, the Law of Attraction sub-reddit seems to be alive and well.

If you have any kind of questions about law of attraction I would definitely go to read there first.

If you cannot find your answer on Reddit, then I would venture to Quora or a Facebook group.

I would use the other law of attraction forums more for research purposes, rather than try to get any questions answered.

Why these law of attraction forums?

I put together this list of Law of Attraction forums because my search for forums to learn more about Law of Attraction often had forms that were not up-to-date.

Even many of the forums I included in this list are not updated  much but seem to be updated regularly.

If you haven't already, go make your Reddit account and join the Law of Attraction subreddit.

This will give you more insight into the law of attraction, but also avoid searching forever for the forums.

Why do you think a lot of the Law of Attraction forums lost traffic?

Do you think the secret was the hype of Law of Attraction and now it's going away?

Or do you think the owners of the forums just lost interest? 

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