​​​​How to Manifest Money

When people first learn of the law of attraction, they often first want to know how to manifest money.

To manifest money using the law of attraction means to be on the same wavelength or frequency and abundance. Abundance is more of an all-encompassing belief as opposed to only pertaining to wealth and cash.

Believing there is enough to go around is the underlying thought pattern you should create. Some people try to justify everything they don’t have by blaming external circumstances that are out of their control. They say things like, “I didn’t get that job because Bob doesn’t like me.”

Don’t feel guilty if you used to or still think this way. The correct way to think is, “I’ll get a better, more meaningful job that will make me happier and pay more.”

Sounds optimistic, but you must truly believe this and have faith the universe will provide for you. Of course, the universe always provides as it always has and always will.

Do you want to manifest money?

Just ask the universe. However, you have to know the correct way to ask. Most people think they can beg the universe to provide them with money because they’re in such dire need. Or because they recite money affirmations.

Or, they have dreams of becoming rich so they spend every waking moment trying to make more money. Or worse, they imagine, sniff, and smell money hoping that will attract more of it.

I’m not here to judge because I’ve done all of the above. I’m here to present you with the correct way to manifest money regardless of your end goal.

This works whether you want to have enough money to pay off your debts and expenses. Or, if you want to live a life of luxury and retire early on a private island with frozen alcoholic beverages.

To correctly ask the universe for money, you must align yourself.

how to manifest money

How to Manifest Money

These 12 steps or “axioms” will help you align yourself with the frequency of abundance and wealth. You will find yourself in better alignment with some of these axioms than others. Work on each of these one at a time, for about 30-90 days each. Then, go back and work on the ones you have difficulty implementing on a regular basis.

Or, go back through the list dedicating a month to each axiom for a full year of money manifestation, and repeatedly every year. All of these axioms work together in conjunction with each other to align your frequency with wealth and abundance.

Don’t expect to hit the lottery or get rich overnight because you worked on one for a few minutes.

Part of the process is proving to the universe how serious you are about manifesting money.

If you only care enough to invest 5 minutes, then you may not be that serious and the universe may not take you seriously either.

Alright, let’s get into the 12 axioms of manifesting money.

intention to manifest money

  1. Intention is powerful

  2. Thoughts are the most powerful things in the universe.

    Our basic understanding of the law of attraction shows us that like attracts like. LOA isn’t practiced, it just is. Like it or not, LOA is working for you. Positive or negative, it’s there.

    Now, take a quick second to reflect on how you feel on a typical day. Do you feel good or bad? Do you feel like things usually work in your favor or not?

    You are going to attract what you generally think about and feel most often.

    You should consistently focus on your inner core, or inner compass to help guide your direction. Your inner core will tell you exactly what things you like and what things you don’t like. The way you focus on your inner core is by listening to your body.

    Things you love at a core level will cause your body to feel loose, light, and energetic. These are the things you should try to spend more time doing. This is a great way to live life.

    Things you don’t enjoy at a core level will cause your body to feel tight, heavy, and tired. The exact opposite of the things you love.

    Focus on setting your intention, “to feel that loose, light, energy at all times.” That means doing the things you love all the time.

    Maybe, you’re not quite in that place yet and you have to work a job you don’t enjoy. How do you make that enjoyable?

    Feel happy knowing that you’re moving in the direction of financial freedom and having that loose feeling all of the time. Each day, hour, minute, and second, you’re getting closer to manifesting the wealth you desire.

    Having this intention in mind allows the universe to work more favorably by aligning more opportunities for you to make money. People never mention intention when they talk about how to manifest money.

    manifest money in the moment

  3. Money exists in the moment

  4. Mindfulness or being in the present moment is important for manifesting money because that’s where it exists. There are poor people who have become rich and rich people who have become poor.

    That’s happened many times in the past and will continue to happen to many people in the future.

    The key is to stay rooted in the present moment as much as possible.

    You have no use for those memories of starvation and no need for those lofty goals of affluence when you root yourself directly in this moment.

    Then, ask yourself. Am I happy to be doing this?

    If the answer is yes, then that’s good.

    If the answer is no, then you should find a way to find enjoyment.

    For example, I used to work a job I didn’t enjoy, loading packages on trucks for delivery drivers. I would drag myself through every day not enjoying myself at all and basically existing in agony every moment of my shift.

    I was just constantly wishing I was somewhere else, anywhere else.

    At some point, I made the decision to at least enjoy myself every day.

    So, I made playlists of my favorite songs, downloaded audiobooks, bought bacon-flavored sunflower seeds, and Powerade to make my shift as enjoyable as possible.

    I even framed my physically demanding job as a workout that was keeping me in great shape.

    Each day felt easier and more enjoyable. I even made some lifelong friends I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for that job.

    I never even noticed these people previously because I wasn’t existing in the moment. I was constantly in the past or the future.

    You’ll miss opportunities for money if you don’t stay in the present moment.

    You can also lose money by staying in the past moment that made you some money or trying to be in a future existence where you have money.

    Stay here. Right here, right now. This is often overlooked when people want to know how to manifest money.
    feed your soul to manifest money

  5. Feed your soul more

  6. Start your day with enthusiasm for the things to come and excitement about what you truly enjoy.

    If you have the money you desire, would you awake every day grumpy and dragging out of bed? Maybe you would wake up later than usual. Either way, you should wake up happy for the day.

    Find beauty in the unexpected. Don’t think flowers blooming or clouds shaped like famous inventors.

    These are things that feed your soul. Hobbies or activities you enjoy at a core level. Music, art, or even computer programs and technology.

    Then, once you find more of these beautiful things in your life, look to create something beautiful within that same hobby.

    If you have been finding beauty in music then create your own songs.

    Spend a little time each day working on your song, book, program, or whatever you want to create.

    Use this as a spark to wake up each morning with excitement and a smile.

    Art is the highest level of vibration and connecting with what you find beautiful on a core level allows you to attract more of that beauty your soul enjoys.

    This also helps you exist in the present moment like the previous axiom and helps you create a positive focus or association with money.

    When you’re creating something beautiful, you only focus on what your inner core feels which is your guide for decisions throughout your life.

    The more you can align with your inner core, the more you’ll align with the universe and ultimately abundance because your core is made of the universe. If you really want the true answer to how to manifest money, you need to feed your soul.

    align with universe to manifest money

  7. Align yourself with the universe

  8. Aligning yourself with the universe can be achieved best by getting out in nature.

    This is where you enjoy the flowers blooming and the trees blowing in the wind.

    Walk trails, go fishing, or even just walk outside and get into nature. We were made to work well in nature which is why our species continues to thrive.

    We’re also made of the same universe as nature.

    You can find many similarities between the earth and your body. One huge similarity is water. The earth is comprised of mostly water just like your body.

    So, make sure you hydrate well early in the morning and throughout the day.

    Your body doesn’t function well when dehydrated and that makes alignment very difficult.

    Another similarity is airflow.

    Take big deep breaths of air and make sure you’re filling your lungs so your whole body can be oxygenated. Feel the wind blowing just like your own inhales and exhales.

    Engage all of your senses when in nature and especially focus on your senses other than vision.

    It’s great to see nature, but in order to align with the universe, you need to feel nature because nature is part of you and you are part of it.

    That’s why we refer to our natural inclinations as human nature.

    Many people only tend to focus on the human aspect without considering the nature part. Nature is part of you so don’t just sit inside all day with fluorescent lighting.

    Get outside and enjoy that sunlight and breeze or the windy rainstorm.

    Even for just a few moments, you’ll feel more connected when you do and that’s your natural alignment sliding back into place.

    Align yourself with the universe to get your unique answer to the question of how to manifest money.

    appreciate to manifest money

  9. Appreciate to appreciate

  10. One of the biggest issues people have with manifesting money or attracting abundance is appreciation.

    Or lack thereof.

    You must appreciate what you have to receive more. When you’re not thankful for what the universe has already provided you, it blocks the flow of abundance.

    Many people don’t appreciate what they have because they are comparing themselves to other people. This energy block has become especially easy with social media.

    We get something and wish we had something else.

    Get a two-bedroom apartment, but wish we had a three-bedroom house.

    Take a vacation to Florida, but wish we were flying to Spain.

    You must genuinely appreciate where you are, what you have, and everything that is provided to you.

    Remember, there’s always someone better than you, and someone worse than you.

    Manifest as much money as you can, there’ll always be someone with more, and someone with less.

    Buy a Corvette, eventually, somebody will pass you in a Lamborghini. Buy that Lamborghini, somebody will pull up next to you in a Bugatti. Finally, get that Bugatti, then a lady tells you she just bought a helicopter!

    Yacht, private jet, space shuttles, and so on. Don’t compare yourself to the next peer or person. Show genuine appreciation for what you have because you should also remember, you could be that guy doing worse.

    While you’re in the Bugatti, another person is going to pull up in the Lamborghini and so on. Down to you driving an old Honda Civic, but that other person is riding the bus. Or, you’re riding the bus and that person is walking.

    Always be grateful for what you have in your life. Showing gratitude allows more things to show gratitude for in your life.

    I like calling it appreciation because gratitude sounds like I was begging.

    Appreciation feels like I invested good into the universe and received more good in return like an appreciating asset.

    So, take time to appreciate your place, transportation, job, business, things, and everything!

    If you really want to know how to manifest money, you must appreciate all the things that have already manifested.

    energize yourself for manifestation

  11. Energize yourself for cash flow

  12. Living as your true self gives you energy and helps you create momentum in the universe.

    Thinking, speaking, and acting from your core being, gives you energy and allows you to flow more naturally with abundance and the frequency of wealth.

    Going against this core feeling decreases your energy and makes you more tired. We sometimes act against our own nature because we care about what other people think and want to please them.

    We won’t venture into societal expectations, but the bottom line is, you must be yourself. You can’t please your parents, spouse, boss, or strangers. The more you try to please others and not yourself, the more energy you’ll lose daily.

    Ask yourself, what do I want to do? How does this make me feel? Live for your core being and listen to that feeling in your gut.

    Act in a way that gives you good feelings and feel the energy build higher. Hopefully, you’ve already been acting as this person that is you, but sometimes we get turned into drones and have to remember who we are at a core level.

    Stay positive if you fall into this category. It’s not your fault! From a very young age, we’re told we can be anything to be ourselves, yet we sit in desks in perfectly straight lines for 8 hours a day, for 12-16 years of our life.

    No wonder it’s tough to be our authentic selves!

    Spend some time connecting with yourself and really learn who you are on a deeper level. This extra energy in your life is what you need to create abundance and wealth.

    That authentic energy elevates your thoughts, speech, and actions to a higher level and allows you to connect deeper with the universe.

    This deep connection gives you stronger abilities to attract more wealth and abundance.

    Other people won’t know how to manifest money for you because your trueself can’t be replicated.

    own your manifestation

  13. Own up to it

  14. Your life up to this point is a combination of millions of choices. Most of them, small choices like the color of shirt to wear, restaurant for dinner, tv show to watch.

    A small percentage of your choices are large scale decisions like career choice, education, long-term relationships. Own the decisions that got you to this point and accept that you have the power to influence your life.

    Of course, things happen that are out of our control and we can’t do anything about that. We must also accept that we can’t influence everything.

    However, the things we can influence begins with ourselves.

    This is why some people can manifest money faster than others because some people are starting from a place of feeling like they have no control over their life.

    While others know they control their lives and have been working on themselves for a while. That helps things fall into place easier for money manifestation.

    Many people think using the law of attraction just means they can focus on money and get more.

    Or, count it in their dreams and it’ll just appear. To own the money you expect, you must create value for it.

    It’s easy though. Going back to the previous axioms that say do what feels good, we learn to create value doing what we enjoy.

    Get rich schemes and scams don’t typically feel good which is why they seldom work for people.

    Take responsibility for your life and where you are now is the start. Remember, though you can’t control everything, you can control how you respond. Those are the decisions you must take ownership of besides everything else in your control.

    Most people that use the law of attraction apply it because they take their own destiny in their hands.

    Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Or, just expect things to happen on their own.

    Focus on your intentions and do everything in your power to make it happen.

    You’ll have a hard time trying to find out how to manifest money if you don’t take control of your own life.

    rid of self limiting beliefs

  15. Eliminate limits and beliefs about money

  16. Money can be a very emotional subject for many people so it’s easy to understand why many have negative associations with money.

    This is especially true when you grow up without money and your parents said something to the effect of, “I don’t have money for that (insert cool new toy you wanted but was expensive)!” Or, you grew up even worse, and having food to eat every night was an issue.

    This negative association you have with money can block more money from coming to you.

    The law of attraction is always working. If you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll get more of what you don’t want. So, if you focus on not being poor, you’ll keep being poor.

    Instead, realize that money flows to you, and thanks to abundance, it will always flow to you. Focus on your life with money and how it makes you feel to have money.

    Imagine how it feels to have the money you want to manifest. Not only things you’ll buy and lifestyle changes, but how you’ll feel specifically.

    Do you feel lighter and happier not having to worry about bills? Do you laugh more and act more playfully? Do you take up new hobbies or revive old hobbies because of your financial freedom?

    Your inner core is what guides you through life and that’s what we listen for whenever we’re faced with a decision.

    If you have a bad feeling every time you think about money then you could be blocking the actual money flow in your life.

    A more allowing mindset is, “I’m grateful for my wealth.”

    Let’s say you don’t have the money for something right now.

    You say, “I am attracting the wealth needed to buy that item.”

    balane for money manifesting

  17. Produce for consumers

  18. We all have our own unique thoughts shaped through genetics, life experiences, and dreams. These unique thoughts give you a unique viewpoint that can only be you.

    No other person can replicate this unique value you offer.

    They could try, but it would never be as good because you are the original you. Every person on this planet has something to offer to the universe that fills a very important need.

    We are all so different, in so many different ways, that creates infinite combinations of life experiences. These endless life experiences amount to infinite unique forms of expression.

    Unfortunately, the majority of these unique thoughts are lost to consumer culture.

    We spend so much time consuming that we don’t produce. We take without giving back in a meaningful way.

    Tell your story with your voice to give back to the universe.

    Remember, it’ll feel good to express yourself in this way and you’ll experience a surge of unexplainable energy while doing it. That unexplained energy is your inner core connecting with the universe.

    Many people believe the only way to financial freedom is to work hard as hell.

    We’re told successful people work day and night to achieve their dreams, but the most important part is omitted. Those successful people that worked so hard were able to do so because it’s something they love to do at a core level.

    Have you heard the worn-out cliche, “Work doing something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    I would take this a step further and add, “Do something your soul loves.” We sometimes play up certain aspects of work because it’s work. We’re conditioned to believe work is not enjoyable.

    So, finding a job that’s, “somewhat likable,” feels like a win.

    No, I mean a job you deeply love and do not want to leave every day. Work that you don’t want to end each day, and when you do, you can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

    Whatever activity makes you feel that way is what you need to produce.

    That’s your contribution to the universe.

    This is possibly the most important about knowing how to manifest money, but many people don’t like this step because it requires effort.

    laughter for money

  19. Find the funny

  20. Life can be difficult at times, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    You also should not take yourself too seriously.

    Find the humor in life whether it’s a coincidence, irony, or flat out hilarious. Allow yourself to laugh and enjoy the moment.

    Numerous studies have shown many health benefits from laughter. An immune system boost is the most widely known benefit of laughing.

    You don’t have to be a clown, but consciously seek out the humor in your life.

    Also, watch things you find funny.

    A good practice is to watch a funny video or read a funny joke early in the morning or late at night. This lifts your mood and allows you to enjoy that loose, energetic feeling you get when doing something pleasing to your core.

    When you laugh at something truly funny to your core, it produces nearly the same feeling as doing something you love from a core level.

    These are different for all of us and what you find funny will differ from others, but try to keep it positive.
    let go and trust for money

  21. Let go and trust

  22. Your core will never lie about what you like and dislike.

    You must trust that feeling for knowing what direction you should pursue.

    We sometimes ignore that gut feeling to later find out we were correct in our feeling. You must also trust your alignment with the universe to provide what you desire in due time.

    For example, when you want something too bad, it means you don’t trust yourself or the universe. This is one of the main reasons people have a hard time manifesting money.

    Money is such an emotional topic that it often multiplies our actual feelings towards it. When we want money, “we really” want it.” When we need money, “we really need it right now!”

    The universe puts more importance on thoughts with strong emotions, versus just surface-level thoughts.

    That’s why we sometimes want something so bad, forget about, then end up getting it when we least expected it. Letting go of our attachment to the outcome is what shows the universe we trust it to provide for us.

    If you want to manifest money too badly, or too fast, it’s often difficult to achieve because we’re too attached to the outcome. We have to trust that it will be provided at some point and not stress about when it will happen.

    Trust that you don’t control the universe, but you are a part of it.
    venture out for manifestation

  23. Venture out

We can easily get stuck in our daily routines which is more closely related to being on autopilot.

Like the earlier axiom stated, money exists in the moment. That’s why autopilot is counterproductive to manifesting money.

Adventure the extreme opposite of routine and forces you to stay in the moment because you’re experiencing something new and different. Any kind of adventure will suffice.

It could be more extreme like traveling to another country or state. It could be really extreme like skydiving.

It can also be milder like going on a walk in a new place or even taking a different route home from work. It’s good to have a mix of serious adventures and less serious attracting wealth.

This gives you both spectrums adventures without it becoming a burden. Do something like travel to a new state every so often.

Whatever timeline works for you is best.

If you do it once a year or once a month is up to you. Then, have small mini-adventures more frequently like trying a new grocery store so you can keep venturing out without becoming overwhelmed.

These axioms will help you manifest money using the law of attraction.

I believe I’ve mentioned a few times already but, “the biggest issue people have manifesting money is wanting it too badly.”

You cannot be too attached to the outcome.

I cannot stress enough how many people suffer from this manifestation block of money.

Cash flows just as the universe and once you’re in alignment, you will receive abundance.

Remember, there is no practicing the law of attraction, it just is.

All of these axioms need to be addressed in order to attract wealth and abundance.

If you feel like you’re stronger in some areas, try to work more on the areas where you struggle.

Here’s to your wealth and prosperity!

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