The truth about money affirmations is fascinating

People often ask do money affirmations really work?

Or are they just a waste of time?

I've seen people use them in movies and I'll admit I used to think they look kind of dumb, especially when I seen Ari practicing them in the Entourage movie.

I don't even think they were money affirmations I think they were just regular affirmations.

But it's a common question to know if they really work or not.

The problem is many people don't actually understand how they work or how affirmations work for the brain in general.

Everyone has a thought process that is basically set up like a cycle.

So one thought follows another thought, that follows that one, and that usually continues until the cycle has ended.  

These cycles can sometimes be negative which can perpetuate a negative thought into actions and then habits.

People often want to be realistic instead of using money affirmations.

This does work for a small percentage of people, but most people become what  they are thinking most of the time.

Money affirmations allow you to think of money most of the time and this allows you to see more ways to build wealth.

Whereas, if you are stuck in a place of lack you will only continue to see more lack.

That is the basis of the law of attraction and that is why money affirmations absolutely work. 

money affirmations work

Money affirmations must contain basic points to be reliable and to enable the ability to manifest more money.

Genuine possibility

 You have to believe it is in a genuine possibility. You can't affirm yourself of something you don't believe in the back of your mind.

At some point in time affirmations can change your thought process, but if it's something that you don't believe it will be more difficult to change your subconscious.

Much better to replace negative thoughts with money affirmations that are roughly equal to the thought.

So if your limiting belief is, I never have enough money. Then your money affirmation should be, I always have enough money for what I desire.


Your  money affirmations should be powerful when you speak them.

You should say these out loud and in place free from a judgement.

Simply whispering them makes it seem like you don't really believe the affirmation.

But, when you speak it out loud powerfully it seems like it's more realistic. 

Present tense

Make your money affirmation in the present tense. The present is where your spirit meets yourself.

If you say, "I will" do something, that makes it seem like you haven't accomplished it yet.

Truth is ,you've already accomplished what you want and manifested the money you desire.

You just have not reached vibrational alignment yet.

These money affirmations will help you to reach that vibrational alignment, or if you have already manifested money, this will allow you to manifest more wealth.

All positive

The money affirmations you use must all be positive.

You don't want to include in your affirmation, things you don't want.

So don't say for example, "I am going to get more money so I won't have to work at a job anymore." Instead keep it positive and say, "I am manifesting more money for financial freedom."

This is more positive and does not include any where the things that you would not want.

This is very important for money affirmations to work.


 Money affirmations are typically pretty emotional because money is an emotional subject for most people. You need to feel that emotion when you say these affirmations. If you just say them fly or plainly, they don't have the same power they would if you include emotions. Truthfully the universe understands emotion much more than they understand words. The things that you desire from an emotional level are typically the things you are able to attain.

truth money affirmations


 4 money affirmations to work you must recite them consistently. consistence is what allows them to become the dominant trains of thought in your mind. If you become inconsistent it's hard for those thought patterns to take hold and become permanent changes in your brain. Many people think they can just say a few money affirmations and they should work immediately. You have to recite these daily for a long-term in order for them to take Rue in your mind and in your life.

Most importantly

Money affirmations work and they're very important to manifesting money because of how our thoughts become actions, and those actions become habits, which ultimately become our life.

When we think from a place of lack, our actions come from lack and so does our life.

These money affirmations allow us to change our thought patterns to that of abundance and manifest more money into our lives.

When we think correctly about money, our actions become more money related, our habit is to make money.

Don't forget

I wrote this article just to let you know that money affirmations do work and they're very important when it comes to manifesting money.

A lot of people just have the wrong thought about them and they think it's some kind of spell or chant that is supposed to instantly bring money to the person who's saying it.

This is psychology that the dominating thought in our brain ultimately becomes our life.

So, if you want your life to become about money, then that has to become your dominating thought.

Money affirmations will help you manifest the money you desire and it's a great place to start in your journey to manifesting wealth and abundance.

What do you think?

Do you think money affirmations work?

Can you share a story of where money affirmations worked for you or didn't work for you and why you think so?

Like always, share and subscribe... 


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